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Sorry for the lame jokes... but the point is we get it! Every role has its own jargon and you can't be bothered keeping it straight, but don't worry our templates have you covered.

How it works

Simply choose a role from our selection of in demand roles and fill out our 5 minute form from any device. 

Candidate Book walks you through the key elements specific to each role, all you need to do is check the boxes. 

Our templates make sure your job descriptions hit all of the right notes and cover all of the bases. 

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Try our free Job Description Jump Starter roles below! 

Fullstack Engineer

Don't want to forget the right programming languages or skill descriptions? No worries we got you covered! 

Director of Engineering

Need a lead for your engineering team? Some one who can code review, debug, and sprint-plan with the best of them? Start here and jump start your search! 

Product Manager

Are you in need of an agile, jobs-to-be-done, wire-framing, detail warrior or maybe a waterfall chaser? In any case our JD jump starter will get you there!

Quality Assurance

Working on bugs, missing UX elements, or user acceptance tests? Our QA JD jump starter will help you cover the bases.  

Scrum Master

Looking for a task management monster? Make sure your JD will catch the eye of that perfect Scrum Master with our free jump starter. 

DevOps Engineer

Need a DevOps lead who understands all the acronyms, developer tools and gobbledegook? Use our JD jump starter and find them!

Project Manager

Gotta find that Gantt chart captain? Get started with out Project Manager JD Jump Starter, and find the perfect project manager in no time! 

Technical Recruiter

Need someone who can find your next technical guru? Make sure you post a role description that will fit the ticket with our JD Jump Starter. 

Customer Support

Looking delight your customers, improve NPS scores and boost your positive feedback? Hire your next CS sweetheart with our JD jump start!